Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I consider when selecting my framing material?

A. If you are considering wood windows you should know…

  • Ontario Aluminum & Glass does not manufacture or supply wood windows
  • Wood windows are beautiful and possess excellent thermal qualities
  • Wood windows require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to look attractive and operate efficiently
  • Wood windows are available in a wide variety of styles and combinations
  • Wood windows are more expensive than other options on the market

If you are considering vinyl windows you should know…

  • Products made of vinyl are durable, fire resistant, and energy efficient, which is possibly, why over 50% of PVC manufactured worldwide is used in construction
  • Multi chambered Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusions are resilient and have excellent insulating properties
  • Vinyl window frames will never corrode, blister, crack, swell or warp, offering you value you can depend on
  • Fusion welded frames are structurally sound, airtight, and watertight
  • Vinyl windows are available in a wide variety of styles and combinations
  • Vinyl windows can be fabricated in the custom color of your choice

If you are considering aluminum windows you should know…

  • Traditional aluminum continues to maintain one of the first positions in window frame rankings even though many new materials have been appearing on the market
  • Aluminum window frames are amongst the most reliable and endurable choices you might find in terms of their strength and tolerance
  • Increased glass area due to slimmer window frame capabilities is an aesthetic advantage of aluminum framing
  • Though aluminum offers less insulation than some other frame materials, our Alum400 & Alum450 Series thermally improved aluminum frames are built with a thermal break separation which helps deters heat conduction from one side of the frame to the other
  • Standard colors include chocolate brown and white though we will gladly accommodate your custom color project requirements

Q. What is Low Emissivity (Low E) glass?

A. Glass that has a thin layer of metal oxide applied to the exterior face of the interior glazing in a double glazed window. This coating allows the sunlight to pass through, but blocks the heat from escaping. Low-E glazing filters out the suns ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can fade furnishings. It can also reduce condensation on the window by keeping the indoor surface of the glass and frame warmer.


Q. What is Argon Gas and why is it used with Low E glass?

A. Argon Gas is an odourless, colourless, non toxic gas used to replace air between glass panes to reduce temperature transfer and increase energy efficiency. Argon is not an effective solar performer by itself which is why it is only used in conjunction with Low E insulated glass.

Q. How do I care for my Ontario Aluminum & Glass windows & doors?

A. Keeping your windows and doors clean will keep them looking and operating like new. Only use mild non-abrasive soap and water on frames and doors as abrasive or acidic cleaners can cause permanent damage to frame finishes. A mixture of mild dish soap and water can be used to clean glass surfaces. Your screens can be cleaned using a soft brush, mild soap and water. Rinse all surfaces with clean water ensuring that no traces of soap or cleaner are left behind and wipe dry.

Q. Do you have references in my area?

A. Yes. We have many references available in various areas of the GTA and surrounding areas. All of the pictures in our gallery are of actual installations we have completed. If you would like to see our work in person please make sure to tell us what area you would like the references to be in.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Ontario Aluminum & Glass has been proudly serving the GTA and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Q. How long can I expect to wait before my new windows are installed?

A. The size of the project, the weather, and the time of the year are factors that effect our lead time. Our busiest months fall between May and October. However, on average you can expect your new windows to be installed within 3 to 6 weeks.

Q. What is condensation and how do I prevent it?

A. Condensation can occur when the surface temperature of a solid such as the glass, sash, or frame component of your window is lower than the dew point of the humid air in its immediate vicinity. The moisture present in the air in vapour form transforms into liquid water on contact with these colder surfaces.

Such condensation can be decreased or eliminated by raising the inside surface temperature and/or decreasing the relative humidity of the indoor air. Some simple but effective measures can be applied.

  • Disconnect humidifiers
  • Avoid hanging laundry inside
  • Try to reduce or eliminate major sources of water capour such as plants, showers, and cooking without lids
  • Avoid drying firewood in the house as a cord of wood can release more than 270 litres of water.
  • Ensure that your basement is well drained and protected against excess moisture.
  • Make sure that gutters and slope of land surrounding the house drain water away from the house

Q. What is a seal failure?

A. If there is visible moisture between the window panes in a sealed glass unit it is likely that the seal around the windowpanes has failed. If this unlikely occurrence should occur within 5 years from the date of purchase Ontario Aluminum & Glass will provide you with new sealed units free of charge.

Q. What are the benefits of an energy efficient window?


  • Take comfort in the reduction of cold drafts and a warmer feeling house in the winter and cooler interior in the summer.
  • Interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer reducing the potential for condensation on your windows.
  • You save money! An older home can lose up to 50 percent of its energy heat through leaky, drafty windows and doors. Reducing heat loss can translate to noticeable savings on your heating bills.

Q. What is a retrofit window?

A. Retrofit window involve leaving the existing window frame undisturbed and replacing the existing sashes with a new retrofit window. As it is unnecessary to remove the original frame, exterior and interior trim, paint and siding will remain intact.

Q. What is a complete frame replacement window?

A. The entire existing window and frame is removed to install a complete frame replacement window. It is possible to change both shape and placement of your existing windows with complete frame replacement windows. New construction projects require complete frame replacement windows or new construction windows.

Q.  How can I tell if I need new windows?

A. Signs that your window may need to be replaced include:

  • Operating your window has become difficult
  • Extreme condensation or icing on interior windowpanes
  • Uncomfortable drafts do to air leakage from around the window or the window itself
  • Rattling in the wind
  • A home that is always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter

Q. Do you recommend that a professional install my custom windows?
A. Yes we recommend that a professional install your custom windows as accurate measuring and a proper installation translates to windows that operate as they were intended and in turn your satisfaction. If you are interested in our installation services please contact us for your free in house quote. need pdf form

Q. How long does it take to install new windows?
A. In most cases, we are able to complete our installations in one day or less.

Q. Why can’t I get general pricing on the installation of new replacement windows for my home?

A. Every installation project is unique and we feel they should be priced as such. Installations are priced based on materials and an assessment of labor involved in completing your specific project. Following our scheduled meeting at the project site we will provide you with a free personalized no obligation quote. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our sales associates. (link to installation services and contact form)

Q. Should I replace my windows if I plan on selling my home?
A. Replacing your window can actually add value to your home and increase curb appeal. Window replacement becomes one less concern for potential purchasers.

We feel that being informed is the key to purchasing windows and doors to suit your individual needs. If you did not find the answers to your specific question please do no hesitate to contact us.